Tips for Selecting Home Lighting

There are so many types and styles of home lighting that selecting fixtures can sometimes become overwhelming. The first thing to do is consider the size of the room. A large dining room, for example, can handle a chandelier, a drum-style shade, hanging lights, or even a ceiling fan with a light included. Smaller spaces, such as a guest room, bathroom, or breakfast nook are well suited to mini pendant lights, flush mount ceiling lights, or vanity lighting. Wall sconces, track lighting, and recessed lighting are also possibilities.

Odd-shaped rooms can be lighted with table lamps, swing arm lamps that attach to the wall, or a combination of lamps and sconces. Extensive lighting options are rarely found in single physical stores. The lack of display and storage space limits inventory possibilities. Lighting from Lighting Expo eliminates those limitations by providing large showrooms, along with an online outlet. Customers can visit the stores, or shop online if they prefer. The combination allows the retailer to provide thousands of choices for lighting.


Considering the primary purpose of the room can also help homeowners decide which type of fixture will suit the needs. A home office, for example, should include a few tasks lights, along with an overhead light. A ceiling light provides general lighting for meetings, conference calls, or filing. A desk lamp, or floor lamp will add additional light for typing, reading, or comparing financial statements. If the office includes a drawing table, a wall sconce will provide extra light without creating a glare. Some lighting sites, such as Lighting Expo, for example, provide examples of how different types of lighting can be mixed and matched to increase function.

Give the room a brand new look by switching the style of lighting entirely. If the room has always had a simple pendant light in it, go for something completely new. Take out that light, and replace it with just a ceiling fan. Experiment with under cabinet lighting, several lamps, or a few matching wall sconces. The mood of the space will change, the shadows and reflections will be different, and the focal point of the room with shift. The family heirloom coffee table may get highlighted rather than the large area rug. The most important tip for selecting home lighting is to have fun. Shop where choices are extensive, such as a large outlet like Lighting Expo, to find fixtures that reflect the personalities of the whole family.


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